Doll Making with Colleen Babcock!

colleen babcock is a cloth doll and craft designer visiting from the UK offering patterns, online classes and workshops internationally.

Here’s a perfect way to try doll making for the first time or learn new skills with all tools provided. Projects designed exclusively for the festival.

251c3 – The Green Man (18) All Levels
Work with a pre-sewn, stuffed cloth doll head to create the look of a ‘Green Man’. You’ll bring this male face to life as you embellish it with leaves and learn tricks for drawing, needlesculpting and colouring. Convert your finished face into a brooch, fridge magnet or ornament. Bring: Small, sharp scissors & ruler.
3 Hour Workshop – Fri 5:00 to 8:00

252c3 – Dive into a Book (18) All Levels
Create tiny cloth doll toes through the magic of needle sculpting. You’ll receive pre-sewn doll legs to turn into a mirth-making bookmark. With legs attached to the top of the bookmark, the tiny toes stick out of the pages looking as though a fairy has taken a dive into your book. Bring: Small, sharp scissors.
3 Hour workshop – Sat 1:00 to 4:00


It’s easy to register for classes. Simply click here for pricing info and call 1-800-291-2030 to register.

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