Kathy Ruddy: Sewing, Serging & Dress Making Expert of Live Guides Inc.

Kathy Ruddy at Creativ Festival

Kathy Ruddy: Live Guides Inc. is a familiar face at Creativ Festival bringing with her a lifetime of knowledge of sewing, serging and dress making. Kathy is hosting seminars at Creativ Festival, free of charge, on how to do various techniques from Tummy Tuck Jeans & Slacks to Look Slim: Knits, Slinkys and Stretch Wovens. You can refer to our show attraction guide for more information on these free seminars.

A bit of background on Kathy is that she has been sewing since she was 7 years old. She was introduced to sewing by her grandmother who was a dress maker for the rich and famous in England. More background and knowledge of what Kathy has achieved is mentioned on her extensive website.

On Kathy’s website you will find an huge show guide of all the shows she will be appearing at. She seems to be bouncing all over North America every week until the end of June. We are very fortunate that Creativ Festival fits into her schedule.

Take advantage of the free classes offered by Kathy Ruddy at Creativ Festival this spring.

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