Lorraine Henry: Specialist in Sewing, Fitting and Pattern Alterations

Conselle Image Consultant

Lorraine Henry, Fit Instructor and Patterns

Lorraine Henry, from Conselle Institute of Image Management, is back at Creativ Festival this April.

What is the Conselle Institute of Image Management?

“Conselle is engaged in the development of innovative educational concepts, strategies, systems, materials, seminars, workshops, short courses, special events programs, individual services, and private consulting, all relating to the physical, social, psychological, and aesthetic aspects of personal appearance and self-presentation in all walks of life.”

Who is Lorraine Henry & What is her specialty?

Lorraine is a specialist in sewing, fitting and pattern alteration for Conselle Institute of Image Management. She has a degree in Clothing and Textiles and has been a university instructor and taught classes internationally at sewing related shows. Teaching pattern alteration and fit is her favorite thing to do. She is the creator of the Two Easy Measuring tape set with an instruction booklet which has been an aid for achieving a good fit for fashion sewers throughout the world.  She has also written  articles on pattern alteration for Sew News Magazine. With 30+ years of experience as a custom dressmaker/tailor and teacher, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with you about sewing and fit.

Take advantage of this leading fit consultant by attending one of her free sessions or stop by her booth when she’s not teachng. Exclusively offered at April 2013 Creativ Festival. Find her booth at 174.

2 Thoughts on “Lorraine Henry: Specialist in Sewing, Fitting and Pattern Alterations

  1. juanita Lackey on November 26, 2013 at 10:01 am said:

    Dear Lorraine
    What woods does you husband like to use for carving. I will try to find them

    How long in advance is it necessary to plan a seminar etc

    I look forward to seeing you.

    Nita Lackey
    Fresno Ca

  2. Any books or references that you would like to recommend or share would be especially appreciated in Alterations of Patterns for Fitting and/or Sewing. Thanks for you time and consideration. Cheryl

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