Nortel Manufacturing & Live Lampwork Demos

Nortel Manufacturing presents glass bead making is among the oldest creative arts, dating back 3,000 years to the Roman times. Discover how those exquisite little one-of-a-kind handmade creations are really made.

Nortel Manufacturing has three primary industries that they service.

1. Glass Working
2. Air Eductors
3. Industrial Products such as safety mats, knobs, hand wheels and heat guns

They are located in Scarborough Ontario. Their purpose for coming to Creativ Festival this spring is to show off the lamp working, torch working, and flame working aspect of their business and essential items like torches, kilns, concentrators, tools and glass.

In the picture provided by Becky Greenal, you can see how amazing your creations can be by melting and playing with glass.

Due to overwhelming response from the last Creativ Festival, this is considered a main feature attraction for the festival to get a first hand look at how to melt and sculpt glass. Be sure to stop by their booth for a demonstration. Nortel can be located on the Creativ Festival Floor at Booth 169.

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