Largest Collection of Red Heart Yarn in Canada

Creativ Festival, Crochet Crowd,

The Crochet Crowd with Mikey. Live interactive fun exhibit with an amazing shopping experience.

Coming October 25-27th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is Creativ Festival. It is one of the only shows The Crochet Crowd comes alive.

Mikey would like to share with you what is happening at their exhibit this fall.

“This show, we are featuring Crochet-Arium. A live, interactive fun aquarium experience done in crochet. We are working very hard with this theme and some of our fans are helping us populate our exhibit. It is going to be incredible.


Daniel and I decided to go big on this show. We typically sell out of our yarn on the show floor because we offer bulk buying incentives. We are bringing back our ‘Get 1 Free Sale’ again this show. Here’s the deal, Buy any 5 Things, we will give you a 6th item free that is the equivalent of the lowest price purchased.


We’ve decided to bring to you 18 brands of Red Heart products. We will have everyday yarns, baby yarns, sock yarns, fashion yarns and fun yarns all by Red Heart. Here’s the kicker though, we are bringing the entire colourline of each of the brands with us. One of the brands has 42 colours in the line, yeppers, we are bringing it all in. We don’t want to limit your creativity and only bring in a few colours that we think are popular! You know what you like and you can decide for yourself.


This collection of Red Heart Yarns coming together at Creativ Festival will be one of Canada’s Largest Collection of Complete Yarn Lines ever on display at one place. Some products will only have 6 – 12 balls of the same colour in the line. We want to sell out so we aren’t going to over stock ourselves. You have to act fast. We are pricing the yarn to move as we believe crocheters and knitters are looking for a deal.

We will also have STAMPS Watches, crochet and knitting implements and more!”

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