Expand Your Beading Skills with Maria

Creativ Fest Spring 2014

Maria Rypan

 Maria Rypan is an international designer and instruction book publisher recognized for her Ukrainian style of beadwork and interest in global folk arts.  www.RypanDesigns.com


Creativ Fest  Spring 2014

ABCs of Beadwork

This original presentation, inspired by Maria’s blog series “ABC’s of Creativity”, highlights examples of bead types, variety of stringing materials available and different tools that can be used for beading. Learn to make the best choices on what to use for different techniques and what’s best for your project. Plus, get tips on best use of colour.

Room 105 – Fri 10:30


Creativ Fest Spring 2014

Beadwork: Beyond the Kit

Beadwork: Beyond the Kit

Kits are great for learning a technique and beading a ready made style. Once you’ve mastered the project, it can be repeated in so many different ways. Maria shares tips on how you can transform an existing pattern into your own unique creation. See wonderful examples of designs for inspiration that will take you beyond the kit.

Room 105 – Fri 2:30 . Sat 4:30





Creativ Fest Spring 2014

Beadwork: Closures and Finishing tips

Beadwork: Closures & Finishing Tips

Properly finished beadwork is essential to its enjoyment and wearability. Learn about different types of clasps and beaded closures. Get instruction on how to attach and direction on what’s best suited to different types of beadwork. Examples of incredibly finished pieces will be shown to inspire you.

Room 105 – Sat 10:30

Class registration will begin spring 2014. Watch for updates here on our blog for when brochure details become available and registration begins. www.creativfestival.ca

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