Multi Talented Artist: Tiffany Folmeg

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Creativ Festival, Tiffany Folmeg

Tiffany Folmeg: Sculptor, Printer and Photographer at Creativ Festival

Tiffany Folmeg is a sculptor, printer and photographer who resides in Newmarket, Ontario. Her practice consists of traditional analog techniques such as carving stone and woodblocks for printmaking. The surrounding natural environment, along with travelling, inspires her and exploring is a strong influence in her work, utilizing pure/raw materials. In stone she represents anatomical features and natural objects to signify their overlying importance. The woodblock prints are of musicians who strongly influence popular culture, individuals who specifically changed the landscape of music and style including the contemporary movements of today. Both techniques cater to carving, allowing Tiffany to explore a variety of mediums within the visual arts spectrum. Tiffany also teaches visual arts within various institutions across York Region, which includes stone carving, woodblock printing and photography. She is a visual arts secondary school teacher certified in Ontario, Queensland, Australia and New Zealand having the opportunity to educate in each of these districts. Her experiences and involvement with traditional art forms from these locations granted her insight for further carving developments.

Example of Tiffany’s Creativity

Creativ Festival, Woodblock Printing

Woodblock Printing by Tiffan Folmeg

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