Unique Woodblock Printing with Tiffany Folmeg

Learn to Woodblock Print…

Creativ Festival, Tiffany Folmeg

Tiffany Folmeg: Sculptor, Printer and Photographer at Creativ Festival

Tiffany Folmeg is a sculptor, printer, photographer and visual arts teacher. Her practice consists of traditional analog techniques such as carving stone and woodblocks for printmaking. She is inspired by travel and exploring the surrounding natural environment. Utilizing pure/raw materials, strongly influences her work. www.TeaFolmeg.com


Woodblock Printing (25) All Levels

Tiffany Folmeg, Creativ Festival

Learn how to make Woodblock Printing Stamps with Tiffany Folmeg.

Explore the origins of printmaking and design through the elements of woodblock carving. This activity will dive into the oldest form of repetition print by carving and inking a block onto paper. A unique and traditional gift for the upcoming holiday season! Kit $5

1.5 Hour Workshop – Sun 9:00 to 10:30

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Creativ Festival is back October 22 to 26, 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building offering 3 days of unbeatable shopping and 5 days of hands-on learning. Choose from 200 workshops and seminars and register for classes individually or save with conference passes.

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