Couture Beaded Buttons, Beading by Machine & More with Cindy Rowell

Cindy Rowell Offers a Wide Range of Sewing Tips!

Creativ Festival, Cindy Rowell

Cindy Rowell, Instructor at Creativ Festival

Cindy Rowell is a surface design enthusiast who loves to play with thread, beads and almost any other embellishment. One of Cindy’s machine beading techniques was featured in the January 2014 issue of Threads Magazine. Sponsors website:


Couture Beaded Buttons (25) All Levels

Learn to make buttons, Creativ Festival

Learn how to make Couture Buttons at Creativ Festival with Cindy Rowell.

Want the designer button look without the boutique prices? Cindy introduces you to the delicate hand beadwork techniques required to create your own. Learn several couture beading methods that will be incorporated into a unique beaded button. Each of you will make three different designer buttons, embellished with a variety of beads and threads. Bring: Small embroidery scissors. Kit $15

3 Hour Workshop – Thurs 9:00 to 12:00


Quick Gifts From Your Scrap Stash (25) All Levels

Creativ Festival, Scrap

Be Inspired with Quick Gift Ideas with Cindy Rowell at Creativ Festival.

Who said all you can make from your treasured fabric scraps is Scrap Quilts? This class is loaded with creative ways to utilize that mountain of scraps in ways other than quilting. Cindy provides unique sewing tips and techniques that will save you time and money for fast and easy to make Christmas gifts. See how you can use decorative WonderFil threads to embellish, accent and personalize any project. Kit $25

3 Hour Workshop – Fri 9:00 to 12:00


Photo Transfer & Thread Texturing (50) All Levels

Cindy Rowell, Creativ Festival

Photo Family Transfers on Fabric with Cindy Rowell

Cindy introduces you to a simple photo transfer technique that allows you to easily transfer your favourite photos, whether black and white, colour or digital to fabric using your inkjet printer. See how to use a variety of Wonderfil Speciality Threads™ to add decorative accents to enhance your images. Variegated threads can be used to blend colours for shadowing or shading effects, matte or satin finish threads can add dimension and intensify colours, and metallic threads will add a shimmering sparkle to highlight and add depth and dimension. This session is loaded with helpful tips and creative ideas.

1.5 Hour Seminar – Fri 3:00 to 4:30


Thread Art Cards (30) All Levels

Creativ Festival, Cindy Rowell, Thread Card making

Learn how to make Thread Cards with Cindy Rowell at Creativ Festival.

Using a variety of WonderFil Specialty Threads™ you’ll learn how easy it is to ‘Stitch a Card’ with Cindy Rowell. The stitching pattern is outlined on cardstock by piercing small holes that form your stitching guide. The hand worked design incorporates embroidery stitches and bead embellishments to create an intricate thread stitched design. Learn basic techniques and several beginner methods to complete three thread art cards. Bring: Small embroidery scissors. Kit $20

3 Hour Workshop – Sun 9:00 to 12:00


Machine Beading & Surface Embellishing (25) All Levels

Creativ Festival, Machine Button and Surface Embellishing

Machine Beading Workshop with Cindy Rowell at Creativ Festival.

Sound impossible to do beadwork with your sewing machine? This exciting machine beading technique can be done on any home sewing machine and requires no special feet or attachments. Beads attached using this method are more secure than you could ever achieve by hand and can be done on any fabric, even lace. Learn how to use beads, sequins, oat beads, crystals and decorative threads to enhance any garment or quilted project. Bring: Small embroidery scissors, package of Schmetz Universal 60/8 or 70/10 machine needles. Kit $25

3 Hour Workshop – Sun 1:00 to 4:00

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