Cross Your Hearts with X’s and Oh’s

The Stitching Clinic is Open & Packed with Stitching Cures…

Needlework at Creativ Festival

Need help on your Needlework, Drop by at the Booth clinic for some great help

Having a problem with a piece of needlework? Bring it in to designer Jo Gatenby for help. Or, want a remedy to stitch a perfect French Knot or what you can do instead? Find out how to work a buttonhole and the trick to adding a new strand? Or, any other stitching question? Visit us for Clinic hours.

X’s & Oh’s – Booth #224

Creativ Festival is back October 22 to 26, 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building offering 3 days of unbeatable shopping and 5 days of hands-on learning.

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