Stained Glass with Quirks & Quilts

A Quilters’ Window!

Joni Newman at Creativ Festival

Stain Glass quilting is stunning to look at. Let Joni Newman dance you though the secrets

Discover a fabulous, easy method to make gorgeous stained glass quilts. Years of experience experimenting with many different techniques and a little trial and error… has led Joni to discover the technique that works the best! See how to use raw edge fusible appliqué to create scenes from nature and other stained glass style images. Joni Newman walks you through the making of a stained glass quilt and shares lots of tips and lavish samples.
Quirks&Quilts – SewNews Stage Fri 4:00 // Sat & Sun 12:00 www.Quirks&





Joni Newman at Creativ Festival

With years of Experience, Joni Newman can help you create amazing Stain glass Quilts

Joni Newman's works at Create

Our most famous paint scene of our wonderful Northern Ontario done here in a stain glass quilt version by Joni Newman

More About Creativ Festival…

Creativ Festival is back October 22 to 26, 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building offering 3 days of unbeatable shopping and 5 days of hands-on learning.

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