We Give a Darn!

It’s about wet felting kat-nips, using recycled linen to create fabulous fabric bowls & baskets and catching weaving demonstrations. 

Alanna Riff was first introduced to alpacas in 2003. In 2009, Alanna moved to the family farm and her involvement in the alpaca community sky-rocketed. She is an active member of Alpaca Ontario, serving on the Board of Directors, and chairing the annual Alpaca Ontario show. Having recently graduated with a diploma in Small Business Management, helping to grow the farm store was a natural evolution. With the exposure to the luxurious alpaca fibre, and the help of friends at a local fibre arts group, her creative abilities blossomed. What started as “I’ll go to the meetings and see if I like it” ended up a weekly excursion and Alanna began to help not only with planning some of the weekly activities, but also leading workshops. At her fibre arts group, Alanna was introduced to many arts, including hand dyeing yarn. Her love of alpaca yarns and colour led her to begin her own business, Dyeing for Alpaca.

Kat-Nip Balls (hands-on 20)

Kat Nip Balls

Join Alanna Riff for some Kat-nip felting fun!

Not many cats love playing with toys made of catnip. So come see how easy it is to make kat-nip balls for your furry friends and learn wet felting, all at the same time. Alanna gets you started making one or two… and just maybe your favourite feline will send you back for more! Kit $5 (it’s an $8 value!)

Room 103 – Fri 5:30 / Sat 4:30

Give A Darn Yarn logoWe Give a DarnOnce you see what you can do with our yarn, you will want to do it too!

Fabric Bowls & Baskets

Fabric Bowls and Baskets

Fabric Bowls and Baskets

Give a Darn Yarn is a Canadian based company that diverts thousands of pounds of discarded linens from the landfill. These linens are then dyed into 20 colours and converted into fabric strips and yarn that can be used for crocheting, knitting, braiding, weaving, sewing and more. Gayle Walford shows endless possibilities to crochet, braid and twist fabric into one-of-a-kind bowls and baskets. Just in time for spring, these 100% recycled fabric vessels are fun and functional.

Discovery Centre – Fri 2:30 / Sat 2:30

Weaving: Cards, Heddles, Looms & Fingers!

Catch exciting informal weaving demos with Ludmila, while Svetlana invites children to join in finger weaving fun!

Weaving With Ludmilla

Check out these Slavic sashes woven by Ludmila Charest

Ludmilla Charest

Ludmilla Charest

Join fibre artist, Ludmila Charest as she demonstrates traditional Slavic sashes woven on cards and rigid heddle, plus French sash loom weaving techniques. You’ll delight in the coming together of colourful threads and wonderful textures as she weaves her magic. Ludmila is joined by her daughter Svetlana, who is looking for creative children to join her in some finger weaving fun.

Mennonite Quilt Display Booth #601 – Sat 12:30 to 3:30

Show Information

  • Creativ Festival, International Centre, Entrance 1, 6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON Canada L4V 1E8
  • Free parking! Friday, April 24 – 10am to 7pm & Saturday, April 25 – 10am to 6pm. Get in early at 9am with advance tickets and e-tickets.
  • All sessions are free with admission and no pre-registration required! Buy advance tickets now.

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