Belarusan Nizanka Stitching: Intricate, yet Easy

Iryna Varabei is a stitching designer and owner of Spirit of Belarus. Her designs are based on Belarusan traditional ornamental motifs or Belarusan images. Iryna transforms the traditional patterns of her homeland into modern designs enriched with a diversity of stitching techniques.

Belarusan Nizanka Technique – Beginner

Varabei, Iryna - Belarudan Nizanka Technique (Social Media)_700x634This unique and beautiful stitching technique appears intricate yet is easy to do. Traditionally used to decorate towels, garments and linens, this form of counted thread embroidery uses the darning stitch and a variety of finishing, hemming and tasselling techniques. Try it and discover the possibilities. Kit $2
1.5 Hour Workshop

Presented by: A Needle Pulling Thread _ANPT-Logo_700x681


Enjoy this Conference Class sneak peek!

Check out our website for the class days & times and to register. Class fees are $20 per hour (advance purchase) with kit fees extra.

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