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Knit & Crochet with Lush ‘Green’ Fur

Paula Lishman is an innovative, daring designer who has worked for over 35 years manufacturing a fur yarn and designing Read More →

The Crochet Crowd – Daniel Zondervan

Daniel Zondervan, Creative Designer of The Crochet Crowd, has an exceptional eye for colours, stitches and the knowledge to bring Read More →

Skip the Finishing with Seamless Knitting

Christina Pridie is a wife, mother of four, and owner/operator of The Pridie Collection, a boutique yarn shop in Peterborough Read More →

Dropped Stitches? Fix ‘Em with Anna Stoklosa

Anna Stoklosa is a knitwear designer known for unique, textural and most often colourful designs. She is also known for Read More →

Add Colour to Your Knitting with Mosaic Knitting Tips

Connie Axford started knitting at university when everyone was wearing those gorgeous Icelandic sweaters. She couldn’t afford one, so she Read More →

Crochet Tunisian Style with The Railway Knitter!

Dela Wilkins, Tunisian Expert of The Crochet Crowd, is an accomplished author of two Tunisian publications. Also known as the Read More →

From Mittens to Buttons & Texture in Between

Denise Powell can be found online masquerading as DoctorKnit on Ravelry. This popular Festival teacher loves all forms of fibre Read More →