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Incredible Quilting with Jennifer Houlden

Jennifer Houlden, Teaches at Creativ Festival

Artist Statement – Jennifer Houlden: I strongly believe that a craft must be thoroughly learned and practiced before it can Read More →

Rust & Quilting – How Do They Relate? Maggie Vanderweit Tells All

Creativ Festival, Quilt, Dye

Now That’s Different: Rust Dyeing! Maggie Vanderweit operates Stone Threads Fibre Art from her studio in Fergus, ON. She is Read More →

Long Arm Quilting Courses with Claudia Pfeil

Long Arm Quilting Classes, For the First Time Ever at Creativ! Made possible by: APQS www.APQS.com Claudia Pfeil is an Read More →

Jaw Dropping Quilts with Claudia Pfeil

Claudia Pfeil, Quilter, Creativ Festival

Quilts that Leave You in Awe… Claudia Pfeil studied Design of Textiles at her local university and worked in an Read More →

Mary Elizabeth Kinch Breaks the Rules of Quilting

Zen of Precision

Foundation and Precision Hand Piecing Fundamentals! Mary Elizabeth Kinch, author of ‘Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts’ and ‘Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts’, Read More →

Hand Quilting Trunk Show with Rebecca

Creativ Festival, Quilting Illusion

Rebecca Sham was born and raised in Hong Kong and first introduced to quilting in Canada where she incorporated Oriental Read More →

What’s in the Cupboard with Sue Carmichael

Join Sue Carmichael as she opens the cupboard door in this presentation. See fabulous finished quilts, the latest in quilting Read More →