Discover the Mystique of Russian Lace with Lusy Galyna Batewell

The Mystical World of Russian Lace…

Lusy Galyna Batwell

Lusy Galyna Batwell

Galyna Lusy Batewell began knitting and crocheting in the Ukraine at the age of 6, but found her passion in spinning after moving to the USA. This award winning spinner combines traditional Russian lace knitting techniques with an inspiring, fun-loving teaching style to provide an unforgettable, cultural experience.


The Mystique of Russian Lace (20) All Levels

Russian Lace Workshop at Creativ Festival

Russian Lace Class at Creativ Festival

Travel back in time as Lusy starts by demonstrating and sharing how talented Orenburg knitters and spinners performed feats of textile magic by turning raw goat down into luxuriously soft and exquisitely fine yarn. Spun on supported spindles, the results are the most elegant lace shawls and scarves in the textile universe.

Spin the fibre, learn plying techniques and prepare the yarn for knitting

Russian Lace with Galyna Lusy Batewell

Spindles for Russian Lace

Then learn basic elements that provide the foundation of Russian lace knitting such as mouse prints, cat’s paw, honeycomb, unique cast-ons and more as you start to knit a sample/doll size shawl. Plus, tips on the most economical use of today’s luxury fibres such as cashmere and mink as well as lots of original Russian Orenburg shawls for inspiration. Bring: Assorted single pointed knitting needles, 2mm to 3.5mm (18-20cm long), apron and optional support spindles. Spindles on loan & yarn provided.

3 Hour Workshop – Thu 9:00 to 12:00

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