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SCA Kingdom of Ealdormere

The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international group who promote education in history through an immersive environment. Covering a thousand year period from Viking Age to Elizabethan England, the SCA strives to provide a fun outlet for people who like to create, like history, or both.

Tablet Weaving – Beginner

SCA - Tablet Weaving (2)_700x766Tablet weaving is an ancient form of textile production used extensively in the medieval period. The technique is still useful today for making straps, belts, bands, trim, key lanyards and more. Learn the introductory skills to create many products with this simple yet very versatile form of weaving. Kit $12
3 Hour Workshop

Medieval Embroidery – Beginner

This beginner class will introduce three common stitch techniques used throughout the medieval period. Pick your favourite stitch and a medieval-themed design to create your own replica medieval piece. Bring: Pencils. Kit $5
1.5 Hour Workshop


Calligraphy – Beginner

The Knight

Great penmanship never goes out of style. In this introductory class, learn basic calligraphy techniques which can be used to enhance scrapbooks, cards, calendars, and so much more. Participants will be introduced to two common styles of medieval writing. Bring: Pencil, eraser & ruler. Kit $10
1.5 Hour Workshop


More Calligraphy – Intermediate

Take your calligraphy skills to the next level by learning additional techniques for style, form and two additional medieval fonts. Participants will also be introduced to techniques of page layout, spacing, and presentation by developing a layout for their own personal scroll. Pre-requisite: Beginner calligraphy or similar experience. Bring: Pencil, eraser, long ruler, felt tip calligraphy pen & hot press water colour paper. Some paper available for purchase.
1.5 Hour Workshop

Illumination – Beginner

SCA - Page Illumination_700x525Learn the medieval art of adding pizzazz to your scrapbooks, cards, and more. Try the basic techniques used throughout history to bring colour and life to texts while creating a small piece of art. Gold leaf techniques and various historic styles will be discussed. Bring: Pencil, eraser, paint tray & small paint brushes. Kit $10
1.5 Hour Workshop


Enjoy this Conference Class sneak peek!

Registration begins at the end of July when our updated website is released with the class days & times. Class fees are $20 per hour (advance purchase) with kit fees extra.

Creativ Festival is returning to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre but MOVING to the NORTH BUILDING (255 Front St. W.) on new days & times! Thursday, Friday & Saturday, October 15, 16 & 17, 2015 with 5 days of Conference Classes starting Tuesday, October 13th

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