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Learn about Canadian talent in the form of many different genres of crafting. Crafting is sometimes a word associated to camp crafts, but many of us know that crafting is an artistic form of expression all to itself.

Conrad Fernandes Loves Painting with Wood!

Marquetry at Creativ Festival

Conrad Fernandes a member of the Marquetry Society of Canada… I was born in Ethiopia and also lived in India Read More →

Restoring Spinning Wheels with Reed Needles

Spinning Wheels at Creativ Festival

About Reed Needles… I have always been interested in colonial and pioneer crafts, and experimented with a number of areas Read More →

Experimenting with the Interaction of Light, Colour & Nature

Maria Lopez Designs at Creativ Festival

Simplicity, Functionality & Wearability Maria Lopez-Johnstone was born in Venezuela but has lived in Canada for the last 23 years.  Read More →

Alain Huard Takes Timber to Fine Art!

Marquetry at Creativ Festival

Alain Huard, President of the Marquetry Society of Canada… Joined in 2003, after seeing a marquetry model of a piano Read More →

Fabulous Inlays with Graham Wilkinson

Graham Wilkinson, Vice President of the Marquetry Society of Canada… I first became interested in Marquetry at the age of Read More →

John Ness Creates Veneer Masterpieces

Marquetry at Creativ Festival

John Ness, Mentoring Programme, Marquetry Society of Canada… I joined the Marquetry Society in 2000 after seeing a marquetry display Read More →

Quilt the Crown Jewels with Leianne McCallum

Crown Jewels, Quilting, Creativ Festival

Learn how to Easily Make Classic Lemoyne Stars! Leianne McCallum is excited to share her quilting knowledge through classes, quilt Read More →